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On July 17th, 2003 at 1 a.m. while working a vehicle accident, I was struck by a drunk driver. I lost everything I had. My wife left, as 1 year of watching me have seizures and not get better was too much for her. More

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Drunk Driving Fatalities Drop to Lowest Rate since 1950

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced that U.S. fatalities due to drunk driving fell to a record low number in 2009, declining by 7.4% from 2008, with a 19% decrease since 2000. This represents the lowest number since 1950. More

Drug and Alcohol Courts: An Effective Alternative to Jail

Drug courts were developed in the 1980's in an effort to stop the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and to reduce the criminal activity that typically accompanies these behaviors. More

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Hold Drunk Drivers Responsible

The Party Host

Businesses that sponsor celebrations where alcohol is served are responsible for over serving their employees, and for damages caused when they try to drive home drunk. Social hosts who provide alcohol outside the business context are responsible for injuries to a minor to whom they served alcohol.

A business is responsible for serving alcohol to apparently intoxicated persons at an office party or function. When a business has an interest in hosting a party or function where alcohol is served, they are responsible for any injuries caused by party goers who were served after they appeared intoxicated. Witnesses who can establish that the drinker was apparently intoxicated when served are crucial for holding party hosts responsible. Without this witness testimony, law enforcement blood or breath tests, no matter how high, are not admissible to establish apparent intoxication. Locating and interviewing key witnesses must begin immediately before the witnesses become unavailable or their memories fade. Investigation must begin immediately.

A social party host is responsible for injuries to any minor who is served alcohol. The law of Washington is evolving in the area of liability of a social party host. Currently, only if the party host provides alcohol to a minor and that minor injuries himself is the party host liable for the injuries.  Ironically, a social host is not liable for injuries to a third party caused by the actions of a minor who they served. We are prepared to challenge this case law. And Washington courts do not currently hold purely social party hosts responsible for the actions of their adult party goers.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an alcohol or drug-related traffic accident in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett or Bellingham, call the experienced attorneys at Brett & Coats today. We want bars and taverns to pay for the injuries and devastation that they cause by sending intoxicated drivers onto our roadways. Only by making bars and taverns accountable for their actions will future victims be spared.

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